Simple and Easy Argentinian Beef Empanada Recipe

Simple and Easy Argentinian Beef Empanada Recipe

If there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on, it’s that empanadas are delicious. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, you can find a version of empanadas that fit your taste buds. That’s probably why almost every culture has their own version of empanada like recipes. After all, what is an empanada besides a dough casing filled with either meat, cheese, or veggies and sauce? In many Asian countries, you can compare them to dumplings, but they do not have the same flakey crust. Then there are the e others like Jamaican beef patties and the various other types of empanadas from South America and Latin countries. At Machika, we love all the various kinds of empanadas. In fact, you can buy our Machika empanada maker 4-pack here and get started making your own empanadas today.

One of the first recipes you should try out with your brand-new empanada maker is our Argentinian beef empanadas. These empanadas are a staple and simple empanada recipe from, you guessed it, Argentina. The steps to making a good empanada are simple. All you need is to make the dough and the filling. The rest of the work is just using your empanada maker to crimp your edges and form your empanada. After baking and cooling, your delicious homemade empanadas are ready to eat!

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