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So what are Paellas? And how do you take care of them?

Paellas are Spain’s most famous and cherished dish The amount of variations to the original paella are endless, which is why a paella pan is one of the most versatile kitchen supplies you could ever own. Paellas are spectacular, memorable, and delicious when done well. Which is why it is so important to have an adequate paella pan to make it. Experts say that polished steel paella pans make a better tasting paella, which is why Machika’s pans are perfect for the job. Not only will they help you make an exquisite paella, they will make cooking and sharing with your family a whole new experience. With Machika’s paella pan’s everyone is invited!



Polished or carbon steel paellas require a bit of care in order to keep them working and making delicious meals. Before using your pan, make sure to boil some water inside of the pan for around 10 minutes. Then, simply wash it with water and some detergent soap. This will remove the manufacturer’s anti-rust coating. After this process, your paella pan is ready to use!


When cooking, never place an empty pan over direct heat for more than a few seconds. The metal is thin and could overheat, creating dark spots on the pan. Also, avoid any sudden temperature changes or overheating. Never put your paella pan in the microwave. 



After you are done eating your delicious paella, wash your pan with water and detergent. Avoid using the dishwasher. If you are having a tough time scrubbing the leftover food from your pan, simply fill your dirty pan with about ½ an inch of water and let sit overnight. The next morning the residue will come right off with a soft-scrub sponge and some dishwashing soap. 

Immediately dry your pan with a soft cloth. Never leave the pan to air dry, this will cause the pan’s metal to rust. Then, lightly oil your pan inside and outside with some vegetable cooking oil. Finally, wrap your pan in some paper and store it in a plastic bag. Keep your pan somewhere dry and safe.

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