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Machika Kitchen Traditions - Cooking Catalinas with Arisoli

The Importance of Kitchen Traditions with Machika 

If you know anything about Machika, then you know we love being there to accent your special family moments such as when building traditions. With our short docuseries, Kitchen Traditions, we decided to focus on this topic by exploring the lives of three women. All three have their own recipes and traditions that are unforgettable aspects of their lives. Not only is it something therapeutic and gives them a reason to get up in the morning, but it is essential for preserving memories and experiences. The special moments they have shared with friends and family become entangled with the food. The flavors, cooking process, and sensations one experiences in the kitchen create a special bond with everyone involved. 

Kitchen Traditions with Arisoli


With the second episode of our Kitchen Traditions docuseries, we follow another great cook from rural Venezuela, Arisoli. Her choice of traditional food to present are called “Catalinas”. This is not to be confused with the area of Spain. Instead, it refers to a colloquial term for the area and a town near northern Venezuela. It is a delicious traditional cookie that she has been making for years. Through this tradition, she is able to share her experiences and the beauty of building kitchen traditions. 

Cook Together, Grow Together 

There have been many research papers done on the benefits of cooking with family. One conducted by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found some surprising benefits like improved communication skills. While you may think you are just socializing and putting food on the table, you benefit more from cooking and eating together than you realize. For example, the study found that cooking at home typically lead to healthier diets. Many restaurants and fast-food places have foods high in calories but lacking in vegetables or fruit. Serving sizes may also be much larger than a normal family meal. Cooking meals at home can be a way to promote healthy eating. 

The best part is that all this transfers to your children, family, and friends. Healthy eating and cooking reinforce cooking skills and a desire to cook rather than just eating out or ordering in. This is how healthy traditions are built, alongside people you can pass down some of your skills and knowledge down to. Just like Arisoli from our Machika Kitchen Tradition series, you can meals and cooking something special in your life.

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