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How to Choose the Right Charcuterie Board for Your Next Party or Gift?

charcuterie spread on circular pizza tray dish

If you are a lover of cheese, crackers, and assortments of salted meats, then a charcuterie platter is the thing for you. Even if you are not a fan, those visiting you may enjoy it. If you are hosting people at your home, then have one for your guest. Charcuterie board ideas for platting spreads can be simple and only require a decent wooden surface to start with. Making a charcuterie platter is also a great way to provide delicious and healthy party snacks or something to eat with a glass of wine for a picnic or after a long day.

A spread can be simple or complex, but they are never too time consuming to set up. In about 5 minutes and with the right ingredients you could have a full charcuterie spread ready to serve. However, picking the right charcuterie board and spread can be difficult if you are not familiar with the different types and spread combinations. Here at Machika, we will save you the trouble of having to do all the research and provide you with our choices for the best charcuterie boards and pairings.

Best Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are not exactly drastically different between each other than shape and materials. The purpose of a charcuterie board is simple, it is just made to be a surface to plate your meats, fruits, cheeses, and breads. Some of the only things you will want to look for when deciding on a charcuterie board are what is it made from, how durable is it, and how easy would it be to transport and plate?

When it comes to charcuterie board materials, you will always want to look for wood like bamboo. Wood surfaces are perfect for charcuterie because they absorb moisture and do not transfer any bitter flavor. Plastic surfaces retain water so fruit and spreads pool liquid that reaches things like crackers or toasted breads to make them soggy. Meanwhile, metal surfaces are not much better. The metal in things like metal pizza pans can cause some cheeses and meats to taste metallic. To get the best flavor and spread, wood is the way to go. What makes for a good charcuterie board? Well, three of the best boards to use as a charcuterie board are:

  • Cheeseboards
  • Cutting boards
  • Pizza boards


A great choice for a charcuterie board is a cheese board. After all, a cheeseboard spread is basically a charcuterie spread that lacks the same variety. For example, while a charcuterie spread may have meats and veggies, a cheeseboard spread may exclude most things besides cheese and breads. At the end of the day, a cheeseboard is the perfect surface to design and plate a charcuterie platter!

One of the biggest advantages of using a cheeseboard is that they often come with tools that can be perfect for charcuterie. For example, at Machika we offer the Machika cheeseboard. It is made of high quality all-natural bamboo and comes with a compartment of useful tools for cutting and eating cheese. These tools can also be used for charcuterie plating. Since cheese plays a significant part in making a complete spread, it makes perfect since to use cheeseboards is a plating surface. They are also typically square or rectangular and easy to carry. Tools like the two-tine fork that often comes with cheeseboards are perfect for keeping your hands clean when picking out meats and cheeses from your spread. You can buy the Machika cheeseboard set here today and start making your own charcuterie spread at home!

Cutting Boards

charcuterie spread with meat on wooden cutting board

Another simple and affordable idea for a charcuterie board is a wooden cutting board. A cutting board is perfect for most charcuterie needs, as long as it is large enough. Some cutting boards come with convenient handles that make easier to move your spread around and set it down at the best place for your guests to enjoy. Bamboo cutting boards also have all the same benefits of other wooden surface. Your food will not absorb flavor from the surface like metal surfaces and absorb moisture so liquid from other things do not leave your crackers or breads soggy.

There are also plastic cutting board, but I would not recommend them for charcuterie boards. There is a saying that you eat with both your eyes and your stomach. Part of what makes creating a charcuterie spread unique is that style and design of the plating. Plastic cutting boards just do not have the same pleasing design or looks like genuine wood. They also have the same issue as metal because it does not absorb liquid. If you are looking for a cutting board that is bamboo and great for plating charcuterie, then the Machika Bamboo Chop N’ Store Cutting Board is right for you. You can purchase one by clicking here.

Pizza Board

Another great choice for a charcuterie board in a pizza tray or board. These trays are perfect for placing pizza in the oven and taking out a hot, fresh pie when ready. Some sizes can be a bit too large to work as a charcuterie board, but a small to medium-sized pizza board could work. They typically come with handles that are even easier to grip than those on cutting boards. They extend out from the tray rather than being slots for hands like some cutting boards.

However, like the other wooden charcuterie boards, it has the benefits of being wooden. However, pizza boards can also be heavier than the other two on this list. They are thicker since they are made to handle the full weight of a pizza and withstand the temperatures of the oven. They are still a great choice for plating charcuterie if a pizza board try is the only thing you have available. A charcuterie board is a good charcuterie board is a couple of things: wooden, decently sized, and made to handle food. Do not try using a non-food safe food or surface when setting up your charcuterie board.

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At Machika, we offer products that can change the way you use your kitchen and what you eat. We offer real Valencia, Spain paella pans of all sizes for small and large servings. Not only can you get a good cheeseboard or cutting board to use for making charcuterie spreads, but you can get different kitchenware and cookware to improve your kitchen! Do not be hesitant to get started making new delicious recipes and dishes with Machika today.

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