How to Cook Our Delicious Machika Vegan Vegetable Paella Recipe!

How to Cook Our Delicious Machika Vegan Vegetable Paella Recipe!

When it comes to eating healthy, there can be many reasons and benefits. For example, if you are dealing with cholesterol, high-blood pressure, obesity, or simply want to live a better lifestyle, then eating more vegetables is the way to go. However, that does not mean you need to give up some of your favorite foods like paella! At Machika, we believe that many recipes can be delicious and healthy. So, instead of making a traditional chicken paella, consider making a healthier vegan vegetable paella. It is just as simple, if not easier!

After all, you will have less work overall. Part of making other paella recipes is the cutting and cooking of the meat. Depending on how you cook your paella, this could shave a whole 20 minutes off your cook time! Unlike other healthy dishes, this one is packed full of flavor and ingredients. So, grab your Machika paella pan and get ready to change how you view eating healthy.

Why You Should Cook Our Vegan Paella Today!

Digestive health is important, particularly as you and your family grow. Gut health is attributed to many effects on the body. Simply things such as feeling bloated after a small meal may improve with a better diet. That is where vegetables come in. Unlike meat, vegetables like carrots are full of beneficial vitamins and compounds like beta-carotene. Meat will not contain much of the healthy compounds you find in many vegetables. Meanwhile, you can supplement the most beneficial thing in meat, protein, with a variety of veggies. Eating healthy, vegan recipes is great for the entire family, regardless of your usual diet. Whether taking a break from meat or trying to avoid animal products altogether, our vegan vegetable paella recipe could be perfect for you.

Vegan Paella Cooking Equipment:

All you need to get started with cooking paella is a couple of items. While you do not need a paella pan, it is much easier to cook paella with one. When not using a paella pan, you risk burning the rice instead of creating delicious socarrat. The pans used are specifically designed for create paella dishes and have a long history throughout Spain. There are also versatile so you do not have to worry about getting a pan you can only use for a specific dish. You can use your paella pan for more recipes like stir-fry, burgers, and steak. You can purchase an authentic polished steel paella pan or enameled paella pan from Machika today! At, we have a variety of different sizes to fit your needs and kitchen.

You will also want an outdoor burner or large enough stove top burner. You can cook paella with smaller pans on regular kitchen burners as well. When trying to use a large pan on a small burner, make sure you start the heat off slow. Do not play your pan on a high-heat burner as the area making contact will heat up much faster than the rest. This can burn your rice. Instead, always start off on low-heat and avoid turning the burner on max right away or for too long. Let the heat spreading throughout the pan set so the entire surface has around the same temperature.

You will also want a cooking spoon or spatula to help stir all your ingredients alongside other basic cookware and kitchenware like a knife from your Machika bamboo knife block bundle and a Machika bamboo cutting board. With your equipment at hand, you can get started gathering your ingredients and preparing.



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    Delicious recipe! Loved cooking it with my new paella pan.

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