Machika Chorizo and Shrimp Paella Recipe – Prepare for Thanksgiving!

Machika Chorizo and Shrimp Paella Recipe – Prepare for Thanksgiving!

Here at the Machika Kitchen, there is nothing we like more than a good paella. Traditional paella comes in all shapes in sizes, but the most common involve ingredients like shrimp, chicken, chorizo, rabbit, and shellfish. However, shellfish like lobster and clams can be expensive or difficult to come across. Rather than stressing about getting fresh shellfish, you can always instead make paella with shrimp and chorizo. Shrimp is much easier to find and available frozen at almost every single supermarket, not only at seafood markets. This is because they are small, inexpensive, and easy to ship. But having only shrimp in a paella makes the dish feel lacking in meatiness. That is why we have also included chorizo into this recipe for a delicious surf and turf like result. Make this delicious and easy recipe for friends and family for whatever occasion; be it Thanksgiving or a birthday!


Our chorizo and shrimp paella recipe take the difficulty out of cooking paella by avoiding expensive and harder to handle shellfish. Your main meats are easy to cook and find with chorizo sausage and shrimp readily available at most markets. All you need besides these easy ingredients are your spices, authentic Machika paella pan from Garcima, who constructs them in Spain, and premium quality Basso 1904 extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). You will also want a non-scratch cooking spoon or spatula to stir your ingredients while not damaging your pan. Bamboo utensils work great.

Chorizo Shrimp Paella by Machika Cooking Equipment

The list of necessary ingredients for this recipe is short, making it easy for anyone to cook it at home. Whether you are looking to make a new dish for your family or to share at a party with friends, this quick and simple recipe can do it. All you need to get started is:

  • Authentic Machika Paella Pan from Spain
  • Cooking utensil like a bamboo spoon
  • Large enough heating surface like an outdoor fire grill
  • Small single serving paella pans for plating

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  • Maria Pérez
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  • Samuel

    Delicious recipe! Must try for anyone who likes seafood paella but maybe do not have clams and other shellfish.

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