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How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board

Here at Machika, we strongly believe that serving food brings people together in a very special way. From how we enjoy it to how it nourishes us, food is one of the best ways to share and connect with those that we love. So why not get creative and make your meals shareable with Cheese Board? You see, cheese boards are THE epitome of appetizers. When it comes to them, possibilities are endless.

Cheese Boards can be as fancy or as simple as you’d like. You can spend 20 minutes on them or an hour. You can display them at birthday parties, your new year’s gathering, or even just for a wine night with the girls. As long as you follow these key principles, your cheese board will be a complete success.


When it comes to cheeses, remember to select a variety of textures and flavors. Shoot to always have an aged cheese, like a Cheddar or Gouda, that add a sour and sharp taste to the board. Then let’s add some texture by choosing some hard cheeses, like Gruyere or Manchego, that add dense and savory flavors to our board. Our goal is to create a bold contrast throughout our cheese board, which is why we should also add a variety of soft cheeses, like Brie or Camembert. The contrast between the hard and the soft creates a delicious clash between the granular and firm textures of the hard cheeses, and the mouth melting sense of smoothness of the soft ones. Finally, we want to add some bold and unique flavors to our board with some funky cheeses. For example, some Gorgonzola or Roquefort. Little pro tip: know your audience. Always try to have a safe bet, or a cheese that everyone will like. And then include a more adventurous option for the more sophisticated palates.  


Once we have our cheeses nicely spread out on our board, the fun part begins. Our charcuterie! When choosing what meats to add, the same rule applies. Look for a variety of tastes and textures that will make the board tasty and aesthetically pleasing. Try to buy your meats pre-sliced at the grocery store to make your assembly much easier. Depending on your budget, pepperonis, Genoa salamis, and prosciutto tend to be the most flavorsome meats that won’t break the bank. But if you are trying to go all out, Mortadella al Pistacchio, Capicola and Sopressata meats will pair amazingly with your cheeses. Remember to have fun with this.To assemble the meats, play with the different sizes. The smaller meats will make great borders around the edges of the board while the larger ones can be folded into a deck of cards or in the shape of little flowers.


Last but not least, accoutrements! Remember to place things that pair well together and to include the two major taste categories: sweet and salty. Anything from honey, jams, fruits, to nuts, olives, and mustards pair deliciously with our cheeses and meats. When it comes to our crackers and breads make sure to diversify your selection. Focaccia or baguettes, soda or ritz crackers, breadsticks or multigrain cookies. Your options are endless, just make sure everything you put on your board is edible. 

Last tip: make sure your board is served at room temperature and to get ready to blow your friends and family away with your cheese boarding skills. You are a pro. And remember, with Machika everybody is invited!

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