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Does Paella Have Pork?

seafood paella in dish no pork paella recipe

A common question many have when thinking of making paella is “does paella contain any pork”? The answer is maybe, since it will depend on the recipe. Paella is a dish that comes in plenty of varieties, but there are a couple of traditional recipes. There are traditional recipes with rabbit meat, seafood dishes with shellfish and shrimp, and chicken recipes that sometimes include chorizo sausage. Chorizo is made of ground pork, so any recipe with the sausage will have pork. There can be tons of reasons to want to avoid pork in your diet. Whether it is due to religious restrictions, preference, or health reasons, you can make paella without using any pork.

Which Paella Recipes Don’t Have Pork?

There are plenty of paella recipes that do not have any pork ingredients. You will just have to make sure that none are included before cooking the recipe. If the dish contains chorizo, then you can go ahead and avoid it if you're trying to remove pork from your diet. However, chorizo is usually not the only meat in a paella recipe. For most recipes that include chorizo, you can simply remove it without changing much of the dish. If you would like recipes that do not include any pork, then you should look for the following types:

  • Vegetable or Vegan Paella
  • Seafood Only Recipes
  • Chicken Only Recipes

Vegetable or Vegan Paella

Not including any meat in your Pia is a great way to eat healthily and avoid any pork. Eating healthy does not mean your dishes need to lack flavor. Vegetable or vegan paella dishes are simple to make, full of nutrients and minerals, and delicious to boot. If you are trying to eat healthier, then a vegetable or vegan recipe could be what you are looking for. You can check out our Machika vegan paella recipe by clicking the link here.

Seafood Only Paella

Seafood paella is one of the most common types of pie you will see being served. While the recipes can be more complex than a simple chicken paella dish, many do not include chorizo as an ingredient. If you love shellfish, then you will love a seafood paella.

Chicken Paella

Chicken-only paella recipes are also a great choice when wanting to avoid pork in your paella. Even though chorizo often accompanies chicken recipes, there are plenty that does not include the sausage. Most recipes will be labeled chicken chorizo if they include it.

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