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How to Buy and Take Care of Paella Pans

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Before cooking your own authentic Spanish paella recipe at home, you will need the right traditional cookware. That’s right, you are going to need a real paella pan like a Machika Enameled Paella Pan! In this post, we at Machika will go over how to pick the best paella pans and take care of them to avoid rusting. With proper care, a paella pan could last you a lifetime. While you can cook paella with tons of different pans, including cast-iron, you may not get the same results.

The rice may be less crispy, you may need to add extra water to avoid an extra dry rice or end up burning it because of other pans holding their heat for longer or not spreading heat as fast. There are plenty of reasons to get a paella pan, even beyond cooking easy and delicious paella recipes. They are high quality and lightweight, making them perfect for cooking many recipes, indoors and outdoors, like steaks, burgers, and fried chicken.

Picking the Best Paella Pan

Picking a paella pan can be simple when you know what to look for. Traditional pans are made of durable carbon steel that is both lightweight and highly conductive. This means that you can easily handle larger pans that would be difficult to move if we made them with materials like cast iron. The high conductivity of the pan allows for heat to evenly distribute throughout the pan rather than building up on a single point and burning the dish. A real traditional carbon steel paella pan will have dimples throughout the pan for even heating and two or four handles for carrying. They will also be nearly completely flat, with only the edges rising compared to more concave cookware like a frying pan or wok.

Depending on how many you plan to cook for, you will want to purchase different sizes of pans. For example, if you are cooking for yourself then you will want to get a pan that is 10 inches (26 centimeters) in diameter or less. With 26 cm, you can easily cook single or double servings of paella. If you are cooking for a group of 6 to 12 or more, a pan between 13 in (34 cm) and 18 in (48 cm). At Machika.com, we make your paella buying experience simple. Next to each size option, we provide the recommended serving size so you can adjust your recipes to fit the amount of people you intend to serve and cook for.

Enameled pans are the same as traditional pans, but are coated with enamel to stop foods from sticking or staining the pan. The coating also means you do not need to treat the pan or do anything special to keep it in top shape. You will only want to avoid the dishwasher and damaging or scratching the enamel layer.

How to Treat and Store Your Paella Pans

An important part of owning a traditional Spanish paella pan is treating it. Carbon steel is not like stainless steel and can easily rust if treated improperly. The steps to treating a brand-new paella pan are simple and quick.

  1. After receiving your brand new Machika Polished Steel Paella Pan, simply boil some water in the pan or clean using soap and water.
  2. Afterwards, dry your pan with a clean cloth or towel. You can now cook with it. Make sure you have oil in the pan before heating.
  3. Before storage, all you need is clean with soap and water and then drop a little bit of cooking oil onto your pan.
  4. Spread it over the inside and outside with a paper towel. Store the pan in a plastic bag in a dry cupboard or drawer.
  5. Wipe clean with a paper towel before use and repeat wash + oil treatment after use.

The oil covering the pain will prevent oxygen from reaching the metal and rusting it. Seasoning or properly treating your pan also causes it to be less sticky. A properly seasoned paella pan will have less stuck on foods during cooking.

Buy an Enameled or Carbon Steel Paella Pan Online Today!

Looking to get started with cooking amazing paella dishes for your family and friends? Look no further than the Machika. We offer not only carbon steel paella pans but enameled paella pans as well. Regardless of if you want the nonstick benefits of using an enameled paella pan or the traditional style of a carbon steel paella pan, we have the right cookware for you. You can choose between nearly a dozen various sizes of paella pans and pick the right one for you at Machika.com today!

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