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How to Store and Reheat Paella – Tips and Tricks

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Making paella is a great experience and the dish itself is delicious. However, what are you supposed to do with any leftovers!? If you want to store leftovers to eat later, there are some things you should keep in mind to avoid changing the flavor or stinking up your refrigerator. With these tips, you can keep your paella fresh and tasty. Some of the best ways to keep your paella fresh are simple and easy once you know them. You can purchase a paella pan and start cooking fresh paella today by going to the Machika store today. At our store, you can purchase both authentic carbon steel paella pans and enameled steel from Valencia, Spain.

How to Store Paella

While you may assume taking the paella from the pan and putting it in a bowl is the best way to preserve it, that is not always the case. If you are dealing with a fresh paella, you can store it in the pan by covering it with saran wrap. However, you should be careful not to store it for extended periods if you are using a carbon steel paella pan. The acidic parts of the paella like lemon can cause rust to form on the paella pan and stain it. This does not mean the pan is damaged, however. You can get rid of most of the staining and rust by simply treating the pan. Treating means using soap, water, and a non-scratch scrub sponge to remove as much rust as possible. Then, spread olive oil over the inside and outside surface of the pan. Store in a cool dry place until next use.

If you would rather not store your paella in a carbon steel pan, you can transfer it to a container. Glass containers will work best. Wait for the paella to cool down and then transfer the food to your container. The paella may be fresh for up to a week. If you are trying to store seafood paella, then it should be fresh for a couple of days. Seafood spoils sooner than beef or chicken. You should avoid covering with aluminum foil since the acidity can burn small holes. Pieces of aluminum may stick to the food and make it inedible. Paella is typically full of acidic ingredients like tomatoes and lemons. Plastic wrap is safer and better at preserving the taste of the paella.

Reheating Paella

With reheating your paella, there is a best way to go about it. Rather than using the microwave, you should instead use an oven or stovetop. Place the amount of paella you wish to cook in a hot paella pan with a bit of olive oil. Heat covered or uncovered with a little of broth or water added. The paella will most likely dry up in the fridge and need moisture. Heat until hot and ready to eat. The broth or water will rehydrate the dish. You can also do this in the microwave, though some argue that the flavor differs when microwaved versus heating it on a stovetop or oven. Simply use a microwave-safe container and add a small amount of broth before microwaving.

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