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Top 3 Best Paella Recipes for Beginners

Seafood paella recipe in Machika paella pan.

Cooking can be difficult, particularly when it comes to cooking recipes you may not be familiar with. That is why we at Machika are sharing some easy paella recipes anyone can make at home using their Machika paella pan. These three recipes only using around a dozen common kitchen foods and ingredients (apart from saffron).  If you are looking to get into cooking paella, then these are the recipes to try first. We picked these paella recipes depending on a couple of factors such as how simple are they, are they different types of recipes, and how complex are the cooking instructions. The top 3 best paella recipes for beginners that we at Machika chose are:

1. Simple Organic Chicken Paella

If you are looking to keep things simple without the hassle of different meats, then this chicken paella recipe is perfect for you. We decided to create an organic recipe with this paella by using only organic ingredients. Your local Whole Foods or farmer’s market can most likely provide you with all the organic ingredients you will need for this recipe. Most paella recipes also require numerous meats, particularly if you are dealing with seafood paella. For a seafood paella, you may be dealing with 3 or more types of meat like shrimps, lobster, and crab. Including all the spices and meats, you will only need about a dozen ingredients. Whether you are getting off a tiresome workday or looking to relax on a day off, this recipe is makes for a good choice.

As the name implies, the main protein in this dish is the organic chicken. While many paella recipes use chicken thigh, this one uses chicken breast instead. However, if you do prefer the taste and fattiness of chicken thigh, you can use that instead. Throw in some onion, peppers, tomatoes, and peas, and you have your meat and veggies ready to go. This simple paella recipe is perfect for beginners looking to try a paella that is not at all difficult with simple to follow instructions and ingredients.

2. Vegan Vegetable Paella

Maybe meat is not a part of your diet, or you are simply cutting down on your meat intake. Well, we have you covered with this vegan vegetable paella recipe. For vegetarians and vegans, this recipe is perfect for getting into paella without any of the meat. If you are craving some protein, you can even throw in cuts of tofu. The flavors of the dish should fuse into the protein if cooked with all the seasonings. Do not throw it in at the end of cooking and inspect any flavor to be in the tofu. This recipe requires little preparation, so you should be able to make it in less than an hour.

While this recipe uses more ingredients, they are just veggies and not much harder to handle or cook. This healthy recipe contains mushrooms, bell peppers, chickpeas and more. Whether watching your figure or wanting to instill some healthy eating habits, this vegan recipe is perfect for you.

3. Easy Seafood Paella

This non-Machika recipe is a great introduction to cooking seafood. Seafood paellas are considered more traditional than chicken or chorizo paellas. Valencia, Spain is well known as a one of the potential origin regions for the dish. The combination of Greek and Moorish influence alongside the growth of rice farming in Spain led to the dish becoming popular hundreds of years ago. The huge fishing community of Valencia also made it so that seafood paella became popular. The fish and shellfish were easily accessible compared to other meats in the past. Even more traditional paella including meat from animals in the area like rabbit.

Why You Should Cook Paella

paella recipe being served in container at vendor Machika paella

When it comes to deciding which recipes and foods among thousands of recipes you would want to try, paella can seem like a random choice. However, this unique Spanish recipe has tons of advantages for cooks looking to learn their way around the kitchen. For one, it introduces saffron into your spice cabinet. Saffron is an expensive spice that is difficult to harvest. Because of the spice is only grown in certain areas of the world and difficult to harvest, it is not common in recipes. Even in recipes that do use saffron, you will typically only use a few strands. An ounce of good saffron can cost over $50!

It is also a relatively quick and easy to cook meal. You can make a whole paella dish with enough to feed 4 people with servings left over in only around an hour and a half, including preparation time. In many cases, you can be done in under an hour. It is low mess since you only need a single paella pan to cook the dish and does not require you keeping track of other pots or pans simultaneously while cooking.

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