Authentic Spanish Paella Recipe - Machika Kitchen

Authentic Spanish Paella Recipe - Machika Kitchen

Paella; a food that many around the world know as a delicious and versatile dish. The single pan dish comes in many shapes, sizes, recipes, and cooking styles. As the decades have gone by, people from different cultures have tackled making their own paellas. Nowadays, you can find everything from organic paella to tofu paella! Things differ quite a lot from the time paella was originally developed. The dish itself has origins outside of Spain and may have taken decades or centuries to become the famous dish we know it as today. It took multiple cultures and for rice to become a staple grain in Spain for the recipe to really come into its own distinct form. In that time, there was more than a single paella recipe.

Some of the first single pan rice and meat dishes similar to paella may have originated from servants cooking leftover scraps. Using whatever was left over led to early paella like dishes, including whatever meat and vegetables were available. This has had led to two basic types of authentic paella, rather than one. The two most common traditional paella recipes are seafood paella and chicken rabbit chorizo paella. However, if you were to ask we consider which paella more traditional, most would agree on a seafood paella. Because of Spain’s coasts, fishing and seafood are extremely popular. There are even traditional paella recipes that use both chicken, chorizo, and seafood like shrimp together. In this traditional paella recipe developed by us at the Machika Kitchen, we will focus on an authentic seafood paella instead.


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